Colour, Stone, Chintz, Grain and Statue By Raj Shahani شركة امبشيز لتوريد وتركيب حجر سوري في قطر

Renowned contemporary artist Raj Shahani is set to unveil his highly anticipated exhibition, «Colour, Stone, Chintz, Grain, and Statue,» at the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) in Bikaner House, New Delhi on October 29, 2023. The showcase, Raj›s magnum opus, comprises 27 diverse sculptures reflecting celestial Apsaras from Indian mythology. Crafted using materials like bronze, marble, granite, stoneware, glass, terracotta, ceramic, iron, and paper, each piece serves as a manifestation of Raj›s artistic persona and personal journey.
Fascinated by Apsaras since his youth, Raj draws inspiration from their portrayal in Indian culture and ancient art. His sculptures embody his identity as an artist and an individual straddling adoration and solitude. This exhibition delves into themes of identity, metamorphosis, and restoration. Raj employs various techniques, utilizing whole stone pieces or assembling fragments, and adorning some with vibrant hues while leaving others in their natural state. Through his art, Raj prompts contemplation on the construction and representation of personal identities.
He intricately illustrates that even from brokenness, beauty can be resurrected. His works serve as a testament to the potential for repair and transformation, challenging observers to reassess their own self-perceptions and recognize the potential for beauty within imperfections.

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