It can be extraordinarily relaxing coming home to an outdoor oasis – a place to sit, unwind and re-energise. When you feel inspired to re-evaluate and revamp your backyard, it is important to take note of the functionality and beauty of all your outdoor spaces. With that in mind, you can brainstorm what you want to do.

The best starting point is to think about how you want to spend your time outside. With this knowledge, you can then decide how to transform the yard into the perfect platform for such activities.  One fantastic way to get the most functionality out of your yard is to section it off for different purposes.  Using things like outdoor pavers can help you to build a space that will not only be stylish and elegant, but will also add value to the price of your home.


Creating a patio is easy when you choose to use outdoor pavers.  You will need to decide how much of your usable backyard area you want to make into your patio.  Using a long piece of rope to section it off will help you get a better visual on the size and shape of your patio.  Play with the lines.  Try making it rounded or scalloped instead of just rectangular.  This can add more flow and character to your yard.

Once you have the size and shape mapped out with rope, take specific measurements.  Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring someone to do the job, you will need these numbers to get accurate quotes on pricing.

Patio additions

To go with your new patio area, you should consider some of the other possible additions.  For a more segregated area, consider putting up a half wall around the patio.  It will add warmth to the space and create a cosier feel to the area for when you are entertaining guests or dining outside.  It also gives you more surface area for adding potted plants.

Adding splashes of colour in your backyard really dresses it up.  You should also consider building a fire pit or outdoor fireplace with stone cladding.  It takes the chill out of winter evenings and adds a sense of relaxation to your outdoor entertaining.

Other options

Outdoor pavers can also be used in areas where you wouldn’t normally expect them.  One option is to use them for areas around and leading up to your pool or hot tub.  It makes the area look more elegant and makes it easier to keep weeds from growing around them.  It also helps to keep the water clean.

Having pavers leading to your watery areas will keep people from walking through dirt and grass to get into the water.  It will reduce the time you will have to spend cleaning the water.  Another option is to use pavers instead of concrete for your driveway.

Choosing to adorn your yard with pavers will add a touch of order and elegance.  Take your time to research the kinds of pavers you would like to use.  If you aren’t thrilled with the concrete pavers, you may enjoy the look of sandstone pavers instead. They add a little more richness to the area.  With the variety of colours that sandstone pavers come in, you are very likely to find the right colour to fit your yard.

No matter which options you choose, you are sure to have a yard more worthy of entertaining and relaxing.

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