Matching your roof to your home can make a significant difference to the look and feel of your place, as well as provide a boost to its market value, so make sure you put plenty of time and effort into finding a roof that matches your home perfectly. The following is a look at a few of the best ways to find the right roof to match your home.


Finding a roofing style to match your home will be a whole lot simpler if you know what style your home is considered to be, as this will make it easier to both do your own research, as well as get advice on a style of roof that will look good with your place. If you don’t know what style your home is, find out, and whether it is Federation style, Monterey or Spanish Revival, do some research into which roofing options are considered to be the most suitable matches.


For your roof to look good with your home it is crucial that the colour goes well with the rest of your house. Keep in mind that your roof should act as a border for your home, rather than be the centre of attention. Ensure that the product you select is colourfast as some manufactured products will fade with time.

Roofing materials

If you are using natural materials for the rest of your home, to give your roof any chance at all of matching you should make use of similar materials up there as well, such as terracotta roof tiling or the natural stone option – slate. No other material offers such an impressive strength to thickness ratio which means that slate is very well suited to achieving a sleek, modern look.

Budget for the right roof

If the right roofing option for your home will cost a little more money than you can afford right now, you are best to keep saving for it rather than go for a cheaper option that won’t look as good. It will be worth the wait once that perfectly matching roof is finally installed, and you will be rewarded with a significant boost to your home’s market value, as opposed to undermining it by installing the wrong type. Remember that a quality roofing product will be immune to the elements and protective of both deliberate or accidental damage. Metal roofs and concrete tiles simply don’t offer this kind of hardiness.

Get help

If you don’t have much of an eye for colours and styles, get someone who does to help you pick out your new roof, because this may prevent you from making a very poor decision. Whether you talk to your local builder, painter, roofing specialist or all three, it is wise to get some advice, as this will help to ensure your roof is the perfect compliment to your house — rather than an embarrassing eyesore.

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, and apart from helping to keep you and your family protected from the elements, the right roof can also represent a significant boost to the overall look of your place. Whether you are having a new home built or are looking to replace your current roof, don’t settle for just any roof; instead, be sure to find a roof to match your place perfectly.

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