8 Stone Bath Mats 2023 — Best Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mats


Size does matter, at least when you’re talking about bath mats. Think about your own space and what will most comfortably fit around your shower or bathtub—and don’t be afraid to get the measuring tape out! When in doubt, go with the larger option—it will pick up more water and prevent you from slipping.


Shall we dig deeper into what diatomaceous earth really is? (I won’t get too sciency on you, I swear.) Basically, it’s a type of soft, sedimentary rock made up of fossilized algae. It sounds weird, yes, but it’s actually pretty interesting! Basically, the fossils are super absorbing, and they have a bunch of sharp edges (you can’t feel them though, they’re that tiny!) which speeds up the drying process even more. In addition to being used in home products, some people use food-grade diatomaceous earth as a dietary supplement, while others use it for pest control.


The best part about stone bath mats (imo, at least) is that you don’t have to toss them in the laundry, because they don’t hold onto bacteria like a traditional bath mat. You can increase their longevity, however, by scrubbing the stone like you would a bathroom floor, or using fine sandpaper on the surface to give it fresh life.

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